You have an idea, but how do you make it real?
Your company's project is important, but where do you start?

We specialize in custom web projects, started from zero. From planning and concetptualizing all the way through project go-live, we not only recommend and implement the best path, we can explain why each decision was made in plain English.

We serve as a backend engineering source for Fortune 500 companies, early-stage startups, and garage entrepreneurs alike. Whether you need a marketing mini-site coded quickly, a new feature added to your existing system, an experimental prototype tested, or an MVP you can launch to your beta users, we can handle it.

Our services also extend beyond the traditional web page experience and encompass any task which can be improved or automated with code. This could be implementing programmable voice or SMS for a customer interface, integrating new payment experiences, launching an autonomous chatbot for customer interaction or admin controls, or even something as simple as automating boring spreadsheet tasks. If you have the desire to connect any two or more systems, we will find a way to make it work. And yes, we do also provide light hardware projects (based on compatible Arduino or Raspberry Pi platforms).

  • Planning
  • Coding
  • Implementation

Due Diligence

A selection of points we like to make when asked why you should hire 8M.

  • Expert Knowledge

    We keep up to date on the latest in tech so you don't have to. We can recommend which tech to use and how to use it in order to keep your project well-maintained for its intended lifespan.

  • Accountability

    You will never have to ask what is happening and what changed; we give you code repository access so you can see and inspect each commit.

  • Experience

    Our team has made programming their life's work and have been consulting on web projects professionally since 2001. Not only are we old-school, we helped build the evolution of the Internet.

  • Clear Communication

    Not only are we always available to talk, we can explain any piece of your project in plain English. Your project is not a black box made of magic, we will make sure you are able to understand what is happening.

  • Integrate Everything

    The web is so much more than just an HTML page, and we'll help you integrate it. Want an interactive IVR phone system? Want to control your admin panel via Slack? Fancy adding a Messenger bot for your customers? We can handle it.

  • Success Buy-In

    We operate primarily on word of mouth, which means we want your project to be a success just as much as you do. Happy clients bring us more clients, so we do what we can to make clients happy.

Let's Talk Now

The only better time than today to start a conversation about your project, was yesterday. Our initial consultation and project proposal is free.